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On behalf of the Board of Trustees I extend to warm welcome to the Alliance for International Education, and to our website.

Since our inception, over 20 years ago, we have continuously striven to facilitate engagement with individuals, organisations and institutions committed to global awareness, intercultural understanding and social justice.  Through our conferences and other communication tools we have promoted collaborative and critical exploration of ideas, concepts and knowledge, in pursuit of action which truly makes a difference.

The global community continues to undergo a profound series of challenges which have created significant disruption to the world order, including Covid-19, escalating climate change, social inequities and warfare.

In the context of dramatic and sustained change, the AIE looks to provide opportunities for debate and the exploration of new ideas in adapting to emergent challenges and optimising new opportunities. We invite you to join our endeavours, for it is the power of community that will make the difference ultimately, through building collective capacity.

Our ten conferences held to date have been transformational by design, enabling debate and thinking which has challenged the status quo. We value, appreciate, and focus on the practical, for it is in the doing that we make a difference within our respective spheres of influence. The AIE is a place to explore ideas safely, to challenge and to be challenged, to come together in a partnership of openness and creativity, reflecting on the role of international mindedness in an ever-evolving world.

The AIE values partnerships for we appreciate it is a vibrant coalition of ideas and colleagues working together that has the greatest chance of making an impact. We seek to create different models of partnerships, and advances in technology has enabled us to create new synergies in different and more diverse ways than ever before. We encourage you to join us in our mission, whether as an individual, group or organisation, and details of how to do this can be found here on our website. 

As the world has changed so dramatically in the past two years, so too must we change and adapt to ensure we can continue to create opportunities for the exchange of ideas and the creation of partnerships we value so highly. To achieve the change we know is necessary we are currently engaged in discussions and workshop to explore future ways in which we can most productively engage with those who wish to join us in exploring key themes in the future of international education.

Prior to the pandemic we had planned to conduct our 11th Global Conference in Amman, Jordan, with the theme of “Educating for peace and social justice: the role of international education”. We remain committed to exploring this very important and timely theme in the near future.

Our coming together, in whatever guise is finally determined, will be an invitation to those who are committed to the principles of international education and tasked with their promotion in practice, to come together and explore how we might collectively optimise our experiences, resources, partnerships and communities, to address one of the greatest challenges facing social order and cohesion today.

You can remain up to date with our plans by following us on social media for updates or subscribe to our email updates via this website.






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